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N*ggas In Paris: Why France should grant citizenship to African immigrants... *reblog

Originally posted on BITCHESLOVEFEMINISM on MAY 31, 2018

The other day I watched my anxiety and a black man go up in mere seconds, except he was scaling the side of a building, and I was thousands of miles away, watching him in the only country I’ve ever known, and the country of those who came generations before me, but were never fully accepted here. When your family has lived here for generations and you are still treated as a stranger, I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to be a first-generation immigrant, looking for a better life in a country that has expressed how much it doesn’t want you, and where the path to citizenship is as narrow as a Trump supporter’s mind.

The only way you can be accepted in your new country, is to not do real nigga shit, no, you have to do super real nigga shit, like scaling 4 stories, in about 30 seconds, which is the epitome of super real nigga shit, exactly what Mamoudou Gassama did, after sitting at a bar watching SOCCER, and being notified that a child was dangling four stories above the dog poo-littered Parisian pavement, clinging to life, while his ain’t shitty daddy, went out to the store, and got distracted while playing Pokémon Go, oui, that really happened. Seemingly without thinking, he did some parkou ass, le spiderman ass shit, and scaled mostly GLASS, separated by poles, to save the  kid, proving that black excellence is not just found at HBCU’s and with the people that Issa Rae wants to win at award shows.

The president of France, Emmanuel Macron meets with Mamadou Gassama

The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, in turn, granted Gassama an “illegal alien,” French citizenship and a job as a firefighter. Even though Macron defeated the right-wing party that was seriously anti-immigration, France is still pretty divided over how they treat people from countries they have invaded, colonized, and stripped of resources for hundreds of years. Gassama traveled to France from Libya, Burkina Faso, Niger, and across the dangerous Mediterranean Sea into Italy, enduring physical abuse along the way, mind you, he’s only 22 ...continue reading

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